Alphabetical List of Commands

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For more details on the operation and parameter format of each command, click on the command name hot-link.

In each command:

ASSEMBLE {addr} Assemble into memory
ASM {addr} Assemble into memory
AUTOGEN value Abbreviation of AUTOGENERATE
AUTOGENERATE value Turn automatic symbol generation on and off
B {addr} Abbreviation of BREAKPOINT
BD {addr} Abbreviation of BREAKDISABLE
BDMSPEED {speed in MHz} (HC12 and MC9S08 only) Set the BDM speed for special purposes, such as security unlocking.
BE {addr} Abbreviation of BREAKENABLE
BREAKDISABLE {addr} Disable a breakpoint
BREAKENABLE {addr} Enable a breakpoint
BREAKPOINT {addr} Insert, delete, or display breakpoints
BRK value Begin (value=1) or end (value=0) serial line break
CALL {addr} Call a subroutine
CALLSKIP name skipsize Define a subroutine called with post-bytes
CAP file Abbreviation of CAPTURE
CAPTURE file Capture disassembly, dump, and target output to file
CASE value Turn symbol case sensitivity on and off
CHECK addr size Abbreviation of CHECKSUM
CHECKSUM addr size Compute byte checksum on region
CLEARLINEINGO {Y} Delete all source line information
CLEARSYMBOLS {Y} Delete all symbols
COPY addr1 size addr2 Copy memory from addr1 to addr2
D {addr} {size} Abbreviation of DUMP
D16 {addr} {size} Abbreviation of DUMP16
D32 {addr} {size} Abbreviation of DUMP32
DEF name value {%type} Abbreviation of DEFINE
DEFB name value {%type} Abbreviation of DEFBASE
DEFBASE name value {%type} Define base symbol "name". Optional data type override
DEFINE name value {%type} Define global symbol "name". Optional data type override
DEFREG name address size Define pseudo-register "name".
DEFSCOPED name value {%type} Define scoped symbol "name". Optional data type override
DEFS name value {%type} Abbreviation of DEFSCOPED
DEFTYPE name offset %type Define data type "name"
DEFT name offset %type Abbreviation of DEFTYPE
DELAY time Set delay for command playback
DTR value Set serial line DTR active (value=1) or inactive (value=0)
DUMP {addr} {size} Dump block of memory at addr as hex bytes and ASCII
DUMP16 {addr} {size} Dump block of memory at addr as 16-bit hex and ASCII
DUMP32 {addr} {size} Dump block of memory at addr as 32-bit hex and ASCII
E {addr} {val} {%type} Abbreviation of EDIT
ECHO {text string} Echo "text string" to data window
EDIT {addr} {%type} {val.} Examine/change memory. Optional data type override
ENDENUM {name} End definition of enumeration "name"
ENDFILE {addr} Define the end of the current file scope for symbol definition
ENDFUNCTION {addr} Define the end of the current function scope for symbol definition
ENDF {address} Abbreviation of ENDFUNCTION
ENDLOADGROUP Finish loading a group of files to memory
ENDS size {name} Abbreviation of ENDSTRUCT
ENDSTRUCT size {name} Declare the end of the current data structure definition
ENUM offset {name} {%type} Begin definition of enumeration "name"
ENUMVAL value name Define "name" as a member of the current enumeration
EX1 {tail} Run the extension EX1
EX2 {tail} Run the extension EX2
F {text string} Abbreviation of FIND
FIND {text string} Find the string in the view file
FILE file {offset} Define the current file for source debug
FILL addr size value Fill memory block at addr with value
FRAMEPOINTER str Set name of IEEE 695 frame pointer
FUNC name {addr} Abbreviation of FUNCTION
FUNCTION name {addr} Define a function for scoped symbol definition
G {addr} Abbreviation of GO
GDB {string} (ARM using gdb server only) Send a string to the GDB server.
GO {addr} Begin execution at addr or at PC
HALT Interrupt target execution
I addr Abbreviation of IN
IN addr Read byte from port
IN16 addr Read 16 bits from port
IN32 addr Read 32 bits from port
INTSIZE n Set size of IEEE 695 integer
ISTEP Step one machine instruction
L file {offset} {B} Abbreviation of LOAD
LARGEPOINTERSIZE n Set size of IEEE 695 large pointer
LASTFILELOADED {filename} Delete breakpoints, watches, symbols, and line information if the filename or its modification time have changed from the last invocation of this command.
LINE linum View the specified source line
LINE linum addr Define address of source line
LEADINGDIGIT n Set requirement for leading digit on hex numbers
LOAD file {offset} {B} Load Intel, Motorola/Freescale, Tektronix or other file
LOADGROUP Begin loading a group of files to memory
LONGSIZE n Set size of IEEE 695 long integer
M {addr} Same as MEM
MEM {addr} Show/edit the block of memory at addr in hex or ASCII
MODE val Set source mode (0,1,2)
N Abbreviation of NEXT
NEXT Step over subroutine
NOFILES Delete file and line number information
O addr val Abbreviation of OUT
OPEN file Open file via LOAD, PLAY, or VIEW
OUT addr val Write byte to port
OUT16 addr val Write 16 bits to port
OUT32 addr val Write 32 bits to port
PAGENAME name low high Define a name for memory space/page
PLAY file Execute commands from "file"
POINTERSIZE n Set size of default pointer
Q Abbreviation of QUIT
QUIT Exit to DOS
R {reg val} Abbreviation of REGISTER
RADIX val Set radix for formatted input and output. "Val" must be 10 or 16
RCMD {string} (ARM using gdb server only) Send a string to the GDB server as a qRcmd message.
REC file Abbreviation of RECORD
RECORD file Record commands to file
REGISTER {reg val} Change register
REM {string} Remark (comment) for command files
RESET Reset target hardware
RTS value Set serial line RTS active (value=1) or inactive (value=0)
S {addr} Abbreviation of SOURCE
S2FORMAT format Set the format of Motorola/Freescale S2 addresses
SAVE file addr size {type} Save a block of memory as an Intel or Motorola/Freescale hex file, or as a binary file
SCOPE name Set current scope for scoped symbol definition and use
SET name value Same as DEFINE
SFUNC name {addr} Abbreviation of STATICFUNCTION
SHORTSIZE n Set size of IEEE 695 short integer
SMALLPOINTERSIZE n Set size of IEEE 695 small pointer
SOURCE {addr} Show source code at beginning at addr
ST Abbreviation of STEP
STATETEXT n text Set text for target state n
STATICFUNCTION name {addr} Define a static function for scoped symbol definition
STEP Step into subroutines
STOP Stop recording commands to file
STRUCT offset {name} Begin definition of a data structure
SYM expr Abbreviation of SYMBOL
SYMBOL expr Show symbol with value "expr"
TIME {comment} Show elapsed time since last TIME command
U {addr} Abbreviation of UNASM
UNASM {addr} Disassemble beginning at addr
V {file} Abbreviation of VIEW
VAL expr Abbreviation of VALUE
VALUE expr Show value of "expr"
VER Abbreviation of VERSION
VERSION Show host and target versions
VIEW {file} View file
W addr {len} {%type} Abbreviation of WATCH
WAIT time Wait for "time" milliseconds
WAITFORSTOP {time} Wait up to "time" seconds for the target to stop running
WATCH addr {len} {%type} Watch data at "addr"
 ;  {string} Remark (comment) for command files

The following commands may also be invoked by pressing the indicated function key.

F1 Help
F2 Dump next block
F3 Find next
F4 View file
F5 Go
F6 List breakpoints
F7 Step into (traditional NoICE key)
F8 Step over (traditional NoICE key)
F9 Step one instruction
F10 Step over (same as DevStudio)
F11 Step into (same as DevStudio)

Pressing Alt and a function key will attempt to invoke the command files ALTF1.NOI through ALTF12.NOI, respectively.

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