Customization and Source Code

If the standard version of NoICE does not meet your needs, you may be able to purchase the source code or contract with us to add features for you.

Languages Other Than English

All text strings and dialogs used by NoICE are in Windows resource format. The basic EXE and DLL include support for English. At startup, NoICE can load a resource DLL containing another language.

If you are interested in support for another language, please contact us for details.

Communications Protocol

NoICE includes the ability to load and use a variety of communications DLLs.

Other DLLs may be developed in the future. If you are interested in support for another communications protocol, such as an EPROM emulator etc., please contact us for details.

Customized Target Monitors

Customization of the target monitor to fit your hardware is available for a fee of $50 to $100 US, plus the use of your target hardware.

Note: We are looking to expand our support for popular Single Board Computers and EPROM Emulators. For hardware in this category, the fee may be waived.

Please contact us for exact prices and conditions.

Custom Symbol Processors

If your assembler or compiler is not already supported by one of the symbol processors described in the NoICE documentation, you can contract for a custom symbol processor.

Symbol and line processors for absolute assemblers generally can be written for $100.

Symbol and line processors for relocatable assemblers and compilers may be contracted at $100 per hour, subject to our schedule constraints.

If the assembler or compiler is a commercial product, these fees may be waived or reduced in exchange for a legal copy of the assembler or compiler.

Please contact us for further information. In order to facilitate an estimate, please include in your query a sample of an assembly listing file with symbol table.

New Commands or New Target Processor

Want to add a command to NoICE? Want a version for a new processor? Adding some new instructions to a processor core on an ASIC?

Customization of the host program NoICExxx.EXE may be contracted at $100 per hour, subject to our schedule constraints. Instructions and commands can often be added in an hour or less. A completely new processor will generally cost between $4000 and $10000, depending on how similar it is to any of the currently supported processors. Discounts are possible if we retain rights to sell the result as a standard product.

Please contact us for estimates and further information.

Note: NoICE is designed primarily to support 8 bit target processors. Support for targets with 32 bit addressing may require significant modifications.

Source Code for NoICExxx.EXE and .DLL

Source code may be available under certain conditions. Price and terms depend on your intended application. Please contact us for details.

Please note that NoICE is a complicated MFC program of over 10000 lines (semi-colon count). Please do not attempt customization unless you are sure that you have the necessary skills. You may prefer to have us customize it for you

NoICE (tm) Debugger, Copyright 2012 by John Hartman

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