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NoICE supports ten different target processor architectures. For the HC12 alone, it supports seven different brands of BDM pod. It can do source-level debugging with a whole list of compilers and assemblers.

All of which makes it a little difficult to make a general-purpose tutorial on how to set up and use NoICE. So our tutorials generally follow one path among many.

If you are using a different BDM or JTAG pod, or a different compiler, or a different target processor that the one shown in the tutorial, please bear with us and follow along. Most of the concepts and many of the details are the same, and we will point out some of the places where there are variations.

The tutorials are designed so that you can just view the web pages, or you can follow along with your own copy of NoICE.

If you are interested in using NoICE with the HC12 or MC9S12, you can read the HC12 Tutorials. on a Philips/NXP LPC2106

If you are interested in using NoICE with the ARM7, you can read the ARM Tutorials.

If you are interested in using NoICE with a target other than the ARM7 or HC12, we recommend that you read HC12 Tutorials.

We hope to add tutorials for other target processors, compilers, etc. over time. And if we missed something, or if we have written something unclearly, please let us know.

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