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NoICE is a "full featured" debugger without the "full figured" price. Features include

  • Flash EPROM burning and debugging (ARM7, MSP430, HC12, HC08)
  • Source-level debug in C and assembler.
  • Directly loads Elf/dwarf/stabs file; Imagecraft DBG files; Intel, Motorola/Freescale, and Tektronix hex files, with various symbol formats; and IEEE 695 files.
  • Utilities to extract line and symbol information for use with many other compilers and assemblers including 2500AD and IAR UBROF.
  • A disassembler, which may also be used without target hardware.
  • A mini-assembler, useful for patching and for typing test code into memory.
  • Memory display and editing in hex and high-level formats.
  • A virtually unlimited number of breakpoints (except as restricted by hardware during Flash debugging.)
  • Hardware-free single step using automatically defined breakpoints.
  • Manual or automatic definition of symbols, which may be used in expressions and by the disassembler.
  • Manual or automatic definition of C data structures, arrays, and stack-based variables.
  • A tabbed layout that makes the most of your screen space. Tabs may also be floated and resized.
  • NoICE may be operated via the menu and toolbar, from a command line, or from command files.
  • The ability to record and play back files of commands, and to define and use such files as macros with arguments
  • On-line help in HTML format (automatically invokes your browser). Use of HTML allows you to annotate and customize the help system to meet your needs.
  • Support for the ARM7, 68HC08, 68HC11, 68HC12, MSP430, 8051, Z80, Z180, 6809, 6502, 65C02, 8080, 8085, 8096, and 80196.

Why not download NoICE and see for yourself?

NoICE Debugger Copyright 2008 by John Hartman Revised 11 January 2008